Farnborough Airshow 2016 Thanks & How to Register Your Support

We would like to thank all the companies and individuals who gave us their time, support, and hospitality at the Farnborough International Airshow 2016 (#FIA16), and the opportunity to introduce the AVTN | NewsNet247 News Project.

The nature and demands of Broadcasting mean that it is really important for us to reach out and build strong relationships with Companies and individuals long before our launch.

The reception for the project at FIA16 was truly exceptional, and beyond our own expectations. We received offers of potential advertising, collaboration opportunities, access to facilities and personnel, and requests to set out how individuals and companies can show support. I would therefore like to express our thanks and address those enquiries below because, your continued support could be the catalyst for our achieving full-funding.


  • We would welcome any official or unofficial submissions by email from corporates and individuals professionals who would like to express their support for the project.
  • You may also express support with a follow on our Twitter account @AVTNews.

Advertising & Sponsorship

  • We especially welcome any tentative non-binding expressions of interest in advertising on our outlets. Options for advertising and sponsorship will be offered by region and a variety of levels of accessibility will be available from Prime TV to Radio, App and online.
  • Press Pack – It is a little early for a press pack, as advertising options and pricing will not be finalised until full-funding and broadcast contracts are finalised. However, registering your interest is really useful to us in the funding, and can be discussed under NDA if required.


  • If you would like to provide access to facilities for News Stories, please register your interest with us now, programme creation will begin up to 3 months prior to launch.


  • We welcome submissions of names to appear as guests on our shows to provide commentary on the industry and represent themselves or their companies.


  • We would like to hear from companies and institutions that have audiovisual content libraries, and would like to provide access, for science, technology, and heritage pieces.


  • We are interested in discussing potential for collaboration on future programming and events.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support, and look forward to working more closely with you and your team.


You can download a copy of the Investment Deck (Presentation) here or use the Contact Form to write to us.