IBC 2016


Phillip Covell — CEO

IBC 2016 was — by all measures — exceptional for AVTN | NewsNet24⁷. As always there were new product launches in every area. The ability for us to see demonstrations of equipment and software packages on our list of potential purchases was of key importance. We also had opportunities to peek behind the backroom curtains at what the future holds for Broadcast and News for both TV and Radio.

We attended over a dozen meetings with key Broadcast suppliers, Satellite and Transmission service providers, saw friends and contacts of old, and made valuable new connections for the future of the project.

Most importantly, IBC is a key annual opportunity for us to assess the mood of the Industry from the perspective of Business in general, and share thoughts with colleagues on the roll-out of new technologies. Over the recent months we have been working to solidify AVTN | NewsNet24⁷’s transmission plan, and particularly our aspirations for UHD service accessibility. It has become apparent that test channels and specialised coverage of sports events do not necessarily reflect the day-to-day availability of production capabilities and demands of live broadcast news on an ad-hoc global basis. As a result, and in line with a number of other Broadcasters, in the coming weeks we will be re-accessing our plans for UHD roll-out, and may re-assign budget allocations in the near-term to more immediately realisable goals. We emphasise that we remain committed to UHD capability in the long-term, however we will roll-out services only when we feel we are able to deliver while meeting our own high production standards.

I would like to conclude by offering my sincere thanks to all the companies that hosted us during the Exhibition, both for their hospitality and support of the AVTN | NewsNet24⁷ project.

Yours sincerely,

Phillip Covell


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