Happy New Year! (plus a project update)

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

We are finalising the Master Budget for 2018. This is the Top Tier solution, and adds an EU base (Amsterdam or Dublin) to the mix – though we favour Amsterdam.

This is our solution to a Brexit where we leave the Customs Union and the AVMSD (Audiovisual Media Services Directive), which gives the right to UK Broadcasting Corps to transmit into any EU nation from their Country of Origin.

Assuming no agreements on these important elements to operating within the EU are forthcoming, we would require: Broadcast Licences; Editorial Control; to meet the 50% origination quotas on certain Productions; and a VAT Registered business within the EU.

Our lower Proposal Tiers are calculated by ‘switching off’ budget elements in the master, including bases of operations or Broadcast/Media services to whole nations. There can be no doubt that options that do not feature London will be tabled in the final 2018 Proposal, though we would rather not have to be that drastic in delivering our vision.

Due to an increase in budgets for a variety of reasons, including Brexit, we have chosen to present AVTN and NewsNet247 as an either-or option to investors, rather than a two-channel solution. AVTN will be a pure Aviation Channel with a Business and Consumer focus; while NewsNet247 will be a more cross-sector Business and Consumer Channel.

We have various interested parties, though the concern for such large projects is the current nature of the investment environment itself.


You can download a copy of the Investment Deck (Presentation) here or use the Contact Form to write to us.