The Network intends to appoint a Chief of Sales & Marketing in accordance with the growing trend for these departments to be better related and interactive in approach. The position will be supported by a number of regional positions. It is expected that strong relationships will be built with Advertising Placement Agencies in each service region.

Supporting positions in this department are expected to include:

  • Regional Advertising & Sponsor Sales Directors
  • Regional Advertising & Sponsor Sales Executives
  • Regional Social Media Directors Regional
  • Content & Marketing Liaison
  • Market Analysis
  • Social Media Co-ordinators

The following represent current trends in both TV and non-TV marketing which may be influential or relevant to directing the marketing ideals of the Network’s media outlets:

  • The inclusion of audiovisual content in OTT Media Services.
  • Reflect your brand personality, and maintain consistency of what it represents.
  • Maximise all available marketing channels available.
  • The promotion of channels both on and off ‘owned assets’ is seen as important.
  • Promotion away from ‘owned assets’ is seen as key for new channels and programming.
  • The use and influence in marketing of measurement tools is on the rise.
  • Content is important, but quality and relevance of content is of greater importance.
  • The importance of social media and audience participation is imperative as a driver to channel content — while expectations of its value, quality, importance, and reliability is key to retaining audience.

Paid or Free Access

Newspapers and magazines with free website access and content are progressively moving to limiting free content in favour of paid-for access terms as traditional print revenues fall, and the demand for online content rises along with service costs. Take-up of subscription TV services is on the rise, and according to market figures, over 74% of the population now subscribes to paid TV services in the UK. Services offering audience control and preference are gaining significant share over generic delivery.

The Network view

The Network intends to offer free-to-view services in HD (and SD in Regions where it remains relevant) through satellite, cable, IPTV distribution networks, and its own OTT service options. It is intended to make UHD, premium services and no-advertising options available by subscription. Premium service OTT editorial content may be released to the non-subscription market after an appropriate time, to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, in order to encourage subscription to premium content. It is intended to replace advertising in ‘No-advertising’ options with additional exclusive content and previews of upcoming programming.

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