Ratings are achieved by targeting and gaining a percentage of the total audience potential through household reach.

The transmission plan for Network outlets is based in Tiers, at a maximum budgeted reach of 541 million households worldwide. This represents an increase from 349 million in the last version of the proposal, due to the widespread adoption of Digital and Satellite broadcasting capabilities, principally in Central Europe and Asia, but also in LATAM, MENA and Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa. The conversion of audience from household reach is modelled on achieving conservative targets. A non-linear ramp of audience growth is applied from launch to the end of the TX1 period, after which growth is projected at industry norms per annum. While, at present, audience numbers can only be estimated and targeted, comparisons may be drawn to the performance of existing channels, particularly Business News channels. It is felt that there is significant potential in the demographics for AVTN or NewsNet247 to outstrip a conventional Business News model with proposed programming, regional availability, multi-lingual capabilities and considerable target audiences.

While the demographic for NewsNet247 is broader than for AVTN, there is significantly greater competition and availability of services in the marketplace. In terms of relevance to AVTN, the market for conventional Business News represents a percentage share of the World’s stock shareholders, plus would-be shareholders and parties with an overall interest in business worldwide. Figures for global growth in share trading and ownership are also encouraging, with a subsequent growth in demand for business data and reporting being seen as a resulting effect. The initial expectation of audience interest for NewsNet247 has been based on the same conservative targets, with global reach in mind.

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