The demographic that AVTN has identified is not only sizeable, by any measure, but comprises of a diverse cross-section of the global community. AVTN content will be designed to appeal to the Business, Passenger and Consumer markets.

In discussing Business, the content must be thorough, informative and knowledgeable — but also recognise the factors that interest and concern the Consumer audience. Conversely, things that interest the Consumer audience can be approached in a manner to interest and inform the Business community.

During recent Aviation incidents, the overwhelming demand from the public has been for transparency from Aviation manufacturers about their products; from service providers about their practices and standards; and from regulators about their methods and oversight. AVTN can provide a conduit between these, as well as inform the audience or public. As a result AVTN has the means to engage all Aviation stakeholders.

Key Audience Engagement & Advertiser Drivers are:

  • A broad cross-section in programming content
  • Programming quality as a driver to audience volume
  • Ability to interest, engage and retain the audience
  • Reliability of news, data and information, in comparison to other sources

Premium Brand Advertisers

These are seen as attracted to advertising outlets providing them with consistent means of delivering an engaged demographic, which aspires to purchase, own, use or consume their products or services. AVTN’s demographic is comprised of the most attractive age-groups 25-54, with higher than average earnings. As a broadcaster, service diversity by transponder reach increases the ability to tailor advertising campaigns to global regions.

Investor Interest

This is driven by the desire to understand, monitor, and analyse data and information about shareholdings and corporate entities. Investors are subsequently drawn to consistent, high quality sources of information on which they can rely. AVTN intends to be a leading news, information and data resource for Aviation to the investor community.

Business Interest

This will be generated by providing information, data and news, interpreted in a manner to be of use and interest to the business community within or indeed external to Aviation, keeping business leaders informed, and able to make decisions based on reliable impartial analysis.

Consumer & Passenger Interest

This can be generated by including the factors that influence, benefit, or concern them in decisions relating to Travel and Aviation within the discussion of business orientated items. In other words, making business analysis more aware and accountable to the end-users’ requirements at a time where the customer is increasingly in control of the market for services and products. Consequently such interpretation becomes of more use to business.

AvGeeks and Enthusiasts

This group within the AVTN demographic is seen as interested in every aspect of the world of Aviation. Interest can be purely amateur; outside of an Aviation professional’s own area of expertise; from those aspiring to work in Aviation; or those that simply enjoy the romance of flight. This area of interest is representative of both sexes and the single person or family unit, from age +3 to +90.

Gulfstream G650; Aircraft; Business; Jet

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