Headline News

Discussion of global events while taking into consideration their effects and potential consequences on the world of Aviation. Such events, incidents and accidents that are news-worthy to mainstream news will be dealt with expertly, tastefully and without controversy by AVTN’s Editorial Team, and represents the main area where AVTN will compete in like-for-like news with other News channels and services.

Financial Content

This will include discussion of stocks and share movements, alerts and announcements; lease, loan and banking issues; merger and acquisitions; that affect manufacturers, airlines, airports general aviation, and suppliers, from SME to PLC. AVTN will compete at this level with other Financial News services, but will have market advantage in its focus as an aggregator of aviation relevant news.

The Ticker

A scrolling news banner or ‘ticker’ provided by the Broadcast Industry service leader will deliver a line of live Aviation related stock data, while a secondary line will scroll headline news.

Business Content

This will include discussion on every internal and external factor influencing businesses in the aviation sector, whether they are: regulatory; political; fiscal; natural; from SME to PLC; from startup, through growth and contraction to bankruptcy; workforce and union issues; supply and demand; operations; associations and organisations; or procurement. Freight will feature with Aviation carrying 35% of world trade by value.

While AVTN will deal with topics that other Business News services may deal with, advantage will lay in the ability to focus upon the internal and external effects within a single industry.

Technical Content

Areas covered will include: Materials; Engineering; Research & Design; Manufacture; Development; Maintenance; Repair; Overhaul; Suppliers; Supply Chain; Operations; Technical specifications; Testing. As a Television News service, AVTN will have the resources and be in the position to report on Aviation Technical News as it happens, in an industry where print and online media resources are often only updated on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


An important focus for technical development and procurement. However, coverage will be closely monitored to conform to any restrictions that may be applied by governments in or of certain countries.

Consumer & Passenger Experience (Pax Ex)

This is a central focus of commercial and business aviation. Growing attention is being given to the passenger experience not just in airport terminals and on-board aircraft, but from the point of ticket purchase to arrival at the final destination – Booking methods, Transport links, Customer Services, interactions, and interactive technologies are now as important as aircraft seating, in-flight meals and entertainment. This area is fast-moving and offers subject diversity. Consumer features discussing the experience of travelling and the business of delivering service to the customer are seen as key to driving audience ratings, and increasing appeal to a broader cross-section of premium brand advertisers.

The AvGeek

A ‘tag’ worn proudly by many, representing both the professional who takes their ‘work’ home with them as a private pilot or enthusiast, and those with a wholly amateur interest. Air show coverage is seen as being the biggest draw for the general interest viewer. Since monitoring of Aviation news levels, and the AvGeek scene began, the volume of business, manufacturing and technical news shared by this community has been impressive, verging on obsessive, and it is assessed as encouraging that business oriented news stories do not appear to alienate amateur interest – They simply want to be ‘in the know!’ AvGeeks are male or female from +3 to +90.

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