Job Search Websites

Job search websites targeted to specialist areas are now quite common. The Network expects to be able to negotiate some form of agreement with an existing service, or to develop its own, and in the latter case has already been offered software capabilities. The possibility of purchasing an existing provider and re-branding services is not beyond possibility, though not currently budgeted for within the initial funding calculations.

Related Services & Co-branding

Opportunity already exists for the creation of a number of foreseeable offerings related to Network offerings, particularly via online and app based delivery. These may be developed and delivered either in-house, or in conjunction with other service providers via co-branding and funding agreements. Opportunities exist for both high profile and high revenue services, and will be evaluated by the management at the appropriate time.


Network and Channel branded merchandise is an obvious diversification. A competing Business News Channel already offers branded merchandise in a number of US locations, referred to as ‘Bureaus’. Products can include apparel, chinaware, and a variety of gift ideas.

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