The delivery of News and services in airport terminals is highly attractive, represents a relatively captured market; and it is a long-term goal of AVTN to enter this market. The market has already been recognised by two competing broadcast corporations, however the level of roll-out does not reflect true market potential, the services are general and do NOT represent offerings comparative to those envisioned by AVTN.

Key considerations of this market

The entry into this market by two significant broadcasting corporations does go some considerable way to validating the existence of the market which AVTN has also identified and proposes services in.

While entry into the airport market by competing broadcasters represents competition, the nature of that competition does not address the neglect of the Aviation News Market, and there are relatively few service crossovers identifiable in the nature of the offerings by other broadcasters to those proposed by AVTN.

Scale of roll-out and nature of service by competitors may be identifiable as being associated more with an exercise in branding and exposure over quality, relevance, and ease of access or availability of service. Service is significantly restricted to airport terminals and specific and limited locations by the nature of technologies employed and the method of service delivery.

While the establishment of an ‘Airport Network’ may be interpreted as of concern, it should also be noted that the parent ‘News Network’ is focusing on delivering ‘marquee entertainment to busy travellers,’ and not a wholly News orientated service; and so is operating to an extent outside of the market with which it is most commonly identified as a brand. The same corporation has also recently opened another unrelated venture suggesting that these services may be part of a series of brand diversification experiments.

The limited roll-out and access issues of services, leads to significant questions on the ability of these offerings to provide ‘excellent’ or ‘quality customer service,’ either in single or multiple locations. These services are currently limited to airport terminals, and are far from reaching significant levels of coverage at present. Indeed, neither service is as yet located in a Top 20 International Airport.

In their pursuit of in-terminal news and entertainment services, these offerings do not appear to recognise or address a key observation among Aviation Passenger Experience Consultants that, the experience and journey begins at the point of booking, continuing through the airport and flight until arrival at the destination – Service availability is subsequently significantly restricted.

The AVTN View

AVTN sees this market as requiring considerable thought before entry, as well as the appropriate airport, infrastructure and service partners. Adaptive access, via application of a variety of technologies, will offer the traveller relevant and useful information from the point of booking, throughout their travel experience, until arrival. Such a service represents greater relevance, and revenue streams, than existing alternatives. AVTN’s own entry into this market will therefore be: considered, targeted, and rolled-out in multiple venues in a co-ordinated schedule. Such services are therefore a long-term, rather than short-term, objective.

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