The budget periods presented within the Proposal are for the 15-24 month pre-launch and construction period and four years of transmission. In preparation of the budgets for each period, every effort has been made to consider reasonable and foreseeable trends in both costs and revenues for that period.

12-24 months – Construction & Pre-Launch

The 2018/19 Proposal includes provision for a flexible 15–24 month Pre-Launch and Construction period in order to complete: licensing; satellite, cable, IPTV and platform provider agreements; negotiation of supplier contracts, location, fitting out and equipping of facilities; recruitment and introduction of personnel; pre-transmission production, and dress rehearsals for service launch. This Period is represented as ‘Year 1’ in order to simplify presentation within the Proposal.

Years 2 to 5 (TX #1to TX #4) – Operations & Transmission

Service launches and schedules have been discussed with transmission platforms and suppliers, and are considered to be robust and achievable assuming full-funding.

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