The Network intends to create four main broadcasting centres or bureaus in order to establish a strategic division of resources and studio facilities worldwide, to ensure access to markets, and to cater to the needs of the Network’s channels. It is felt that the goal to deliver a unified approach to Network structure and broadcasting requirements is best served from bases in London, New York, Singapore, and the EU with London serving as corporate headquarters. The reasoning behind this is as follows:

  1. Strategic division by key markets, financial centres, communication centres, and time zones.
  2. Relative ease of licensing and ongoing regulatory obligations compared with alternatives.
  3. Closer geographic proximity of editorial and production assets to any breaking news story.
  4. Locations and staff that achieve cultural diversity, local knowledge and language skills.
  5. The locations are ideally suited to the goal of an IPO in the future.
  6. Ability to reduce expensive anti-social shift patterns for personnel from the business model.
  7. Reductions in travel time and cost; less long-haul travel, fewer layovers, simpler scheduling.
  8. Stand alone capability — in the event that any facility’s ability to broadcast is compromised.

It is recognised that Brexit and other potential World Political or Regulatory issues may play a role in the suitability of any one location as a potential HQ, and this is being closely monitored. As a result of Brexit London and any EU Location have been specifically designed and budgeted for interchangeability.

Locations & Location Choice

The Network has conducted due diligence on 46 Cities in 22 Countries, taking into consideration: launch channel market sector; potential future market sectors where growth may be generated; regional position; access to financial and professional experts; and political and regulatory climates – Prior to choosing the three primary launch Cities.

Paris Airshow; Eurofighter; Typhoon; Aviation; Jet

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