The face of Media is changing, and the principle goal of our project is the launch of an entirely NEW Global Television & Digital Media News Network, direct to the Consumer’s Home via satellite, cable or IPTV services or Personal Devices via OTT services. It is our belief that the best strategy is to exploit the areas where competition is weakest, and the opportunities are strongest. A blend of Consumer and Business orientated news is seen as the most cost effective entry medium. The location of bureaus and studio facilities situated in the Business, Broadcast and Aviation centres of London, New York and Singapore has been a long-term strategic goal for the Project, and in order to address the changing Political and Regulatory outlook is now enhanced by the Addition of a Bureau based within the EU, to be located in either Amsterdam, Dublin, or Tallinn; all of which offer interesting opportunities. Whether near-term or long-term strategically, as laid out within each Budget Tier and strategy, the proposed structure is seen as ensuring the future success and growth of the proposed Platform. The Proposal offers two distinct options for achieving this. Option 1 is the Focused News Outlet, AVTN – Aviation Television News; and Option 2, NewsNet247, a cross-sector Business and Consumer Outlet. Regardless of which option is backed as the launch channel, our channels will specialise in targeting under-exploited content markets with exceptional global demographics. The infrastructure and Personnel allocations proposed in each Budget Tier are capable of supporting the operations of either Option without change or adaption, though planning remains flexible.

AVTN is felt to be the strongest single market and potential audience demographic from which to build a new Media and TV Network. Aviation is by far the largest single market identified, with a target audience of 3.8 billion passengers, industry professionals and stakeholders, and estimated to grow to 7.8 billion passengers by 2036, largely due to passenger growth potential in Asia. AVTN will specialise in the acquisition, collation, analysis and delivery of news, information and data from, or relating to, all aspects of Aviation and its stakeholders whether Business or Consumer related, from components, through Aircraft, Airports and Services to the Passenger Experience. The Channel will feature Industry and Consumer discussion panels, interviews, and related programming. The capabilities of Manufacturers and Services will be balanced with the demands and experiences of the Consumer. Aviation is now demonstrably far from being a niche market in terms of the potential to gain audience or related revenues.

NewsNet247 Is proposed as a Business and Consumer News Channel with a cross-sector appeal. Sectors identified as supporting significant demographics will however take precedence. This approach considerably expands the scope of programming possibilities. NewsNet247 will be a Business & Consumer News outlet with a remit to pursue a global outlook and alternative perspectives from those of its legacy competitors.

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