The Network and AVTN, NewsNet24⁷ will offer an ultra-high quality combination of ‘flagship’ television news, online content; and business information. As yet there is no direct rival to AVTN, and similarly significant investment would be required of any competitor intending to compete in the market space. In terms of NewsNet24⁷, existing news Channels would need to modify their offering considerably to compete on a likefor-like basis of news commentary. Apart from specific areas within News and information services that AVTN or NewsNet24⁷ may face competition in the future, the network will additionally also have to compete purely for audience share against other types of Television, Audio and News content, which may be regarded as dissimilar and unrelated.

While the following areas of the media, as discussed, compete in some or all of the areas that the Network proposes to operate in, there are companies within these areas that could equally present partnership opportunities for the success of the project. The pursuit of symbiotic business partnerships, particularly those
that may act as sources of information or revenues are considered to be of  benefit to the overall profile, success and value of the project.

Network Overview

Mainstream News Media

TV, print, or online resources naturally focus on a variety of national and global news stories across a wide variety of topics and prioritise them to serve a diverse cross-section of the population. As a result, while there will be cross-over into AVTN’s market, these outlets will mainly compete with NewsNet24⁷.

Business News Media

Focuses predominantly on issues affecting business, financial markets, national or global financial and geopolitical news and issues; requiring delivery of news across a wide variety of subjects, for the business, financial and market interests of a broad cross-section of the population. It is expected that AVTN will compete
on a like-story basis, while NewsNet24⁷ will be a more direct competitor.

Aviation News Media

This can be classified into two main areas:

(i) Professional Print Media: generally limited to (bi-)weekly or monthly aggregation of related news, and has limited resources to respond online to breaking news, while compiling a print publication.

(ii) Professional OTT Media Services: online resources may theoretically be able to respond with greater agility, though in reality tend to be governed by the same schedules and budgetary restrictions of print media. OTT resources are, however, able to support articles with audiovisual content, which is often outsourced. This represents the bulk of AVTN’s direct competition, particularly for data and information services by subscription.

Business Data & Information Services

An industry worth an estimated $16 billion (£10.5 billion) globally, of which the main competitor has a $7 billion (£4.6 billion) market share, though the market share of Aviation data is unknown. There are multiple service providers in this area, from individuals to corporate providers. Data flow, and report publication varies dramatically from daily, through to annual, and costs can vary substantially from low subscription rates to thousands in Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. The Network intends to compete via both AVTN and NewsNet24⁷ offerings, and to grow its market share in this lucrative, though competitive area.

User Defined

Resources allow management of streams of data from multiple sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, and blogs (to name a few). While these resources may be tailored to requirement, they are subject to a user’s own choice of feeds, and unless — from a reputable source — may not meet the normal standards of
professional journalism. These sources can, however, be said to compete in the media space, though the Network would more than likely become a prime source for such material, given its resources and ability to keep reporting current.

TV Broadcasting Corporations

Mainstream TV broadcast news and the more focused business news providers currently only address headline stories as they relate to: International events; political; or stock market and investor interest. While the Network will carry mainstream content, its remit is to identify areas of news interest where existing outlets are lacking and to exploit them.

The Network Perspective

Whether addressing the volume of Aviation News or more generally Business and Consumer News, there are a substantial amount of related news stories that are not reported in the television or other media outlets and further opportunities are lost for coverage on websites and blogs because: (i) it does not fit the outlet’s remit; and (ii) there are not enough resources for increased coverage.

The Proposal contains a number of case studies of existing news broadcasters which are intended to inform on the subject of costs, investment levels, and financial issues associated with TV News. The proposal is based on a balanced, conservative approach to expenditure and revenue expectations, and  comparisons to launch budgets at each Tier level may be made.

Print Media

The NewsNet24⁷ Perspective

Newspapers, including those with a financial or business priority, are primarily focused on headlines. While there is likely to always be a market for print media, it is increasingly becoming a specialist market. This market is widely considered to be contracting from its former levels and seen by many experts as facing industry crisis as it fights with online publications, and its own traditional competitors that have already transitioned to an online existence. 2016 saw a major UK broadsheet newspaper cease print in favour of digital availability, while another has announced a program of redundancies, and a variety of magazines are also going digital. An experimental newspaper introduced to market failed in a matter of months. A growing trend for the online editorial content of print publications to be enhanced by addition of audiovisual material is also observed. Investment in this area requires extreme caution, and launch of new print titles by the Network in support of broadcasting is viewed as potentially toxic.

The AVTN Perspective

Print Media is not geared to specialise or address anything but major aviation news stories. Aviation print media typically takes the form of a magazine layout, and falls into two categories: (i) those available from newsstands regardless of store format or location; and (ii) those that are primarily available by subscription, and targeted to a more professional B2B aviation readership. A once-weekly Aviation magazine recently contracted to a bi-weekly publication.

Online Resources

The NewsNet24⁷ Perspective

A number of established news and editorial based publications now exist online via websites and apps, often with subscription requirements for access. The majority of online news outlets are extensions of broadcast news channels or news agencies themselves.

The AVTN Perspective

A considerable number of websites featuring ‘news’, relating to Aviation, exist but many aggregate or re-share news and information from other sources. While a few websites are extensions of well-known magazines, and could be re-purposed to present an element of competition to AVTN, in the UK and Europe a web-based competitor would be required to hold a Category B broadcasting licence issued by Ofcom. Services offering streamed content are seen as facing issues with attracting high profile corporate advertisers, without significant additional investment. A number of aviation journalists run their own prominent websites and blogs, and are seen as potential future AVTN collaborators.

Industry Reports & Consultancies

The NewsNet24⁷ Perspective

The Network is highly aware of its competitors in this area, and in most cases the Network will be both a competitor and client in these terms. Consultancies are seen as a rich source of data to report on, and their compiling entities are considered prime partners for producing co-branded reports and services.

The AVTN Perspective

With exception to a Global provider of Financial News and Market Data already discussed within the Broadcast sector, the principle competition to AVTN as a provider of business information and reports will be from aviation Consultancies. Rather than compete in every aspect of their business, though this is entirely possible, AVTN sees such consultancies as a rich source of interview guests/pundits and foresees substantial advantage in collaboration in compiling data, with the ability to repurpose it in formats appealing to both the Consultancy’s and AVTN’s market and clients. Collaborations could reduce compilation and research costs, while extending the marketable reach and value of data and reports and provide increased exposure for all parties involved.

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