This presentation includes forward-looking statements. Words such as “anticipates”, “believes”, “estimates”, “expects”, “intends”, “plans”, “projects”, “may”, “forecast” and similar expressions are used to identify these forward-looking statements. Examples of forward-looking statements include statements made about strategy, timetables and schedules, introduction of new products and services and market expectations, as well as statements regarding future performance and outlook. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to future events and circumstances and there are many factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • An investment in the share capital of the Network may be difficult to realise. The value of the Network or its shares may go down as well as up. Investors may therefore realise less than their original investment;
  • The investment proposed in this document may not be suitable for all recipients. Investors are advised to consult an investment adviser authorised under the Financial Services Act 2012 who specialises in investments of this kind before making their decision;
  • The development of the Network, and the achievement of the Illustrative Financial Projections, depends upon the timely granting of certain licences, location of premises, delivery of equipment purchases, and successful recruitment of competent staff as envisaged herein.
  • Changes in general economic, political or market conditions, including cyclical trends effecting the nature of some or all of the areas comprising the Network’s business;
  • A material increase in the interest rates applicable to new finance leases may adversely affect the ability of the Network to achieve the Illustrative Financial Projections.
  • A number of existing entities provide competing services which are similar to some or, all of, the Network’s proposed services, and there can be no assurance that other entities with directly competing services and substantial resources may not enter the market.
  • The advent of a Natural Disaster; Act of God; Act of War; or Act of Terrorism in any Nation State, or Territories in which the Network proposes operations, may have an adverse effect upon the Network’s ability to operate as described in this proposal or the Illustrative Financial Projections herein.
  • Significant disruptions in air travel (including as a result of terrorist attacks) restricting the Network’s ability to operate and mobilise editorial personnel and broadcast camera crews;
  • Currency exchange rate fluctuations, particularly between the Euro, Sterling, U.S. dollar, and Singaporean Dollar;
  • The successful execution of the Network’s implementation, development, and performance plans, including achievement of predicted operational efficiency, and production targets;
  • Audience numbers and subscription risks; programme and production performance risks, as well as management risks;
  • Customer, supplier, subcontractor performance, contract negotiations, or financing issues;
  • Significant collective bargaining labour disputes;
  • Research and development costs in connection with new products and services;
  • Legal and investigatory proceedings, financial, and governmental risks related to international transactions; and other economic, political and technological risks and uncertainties which are unforeseeable at this time;

Any forward-looking statement contained in this document speaks as of the date of presentation, publication or release. The Network undertakes no obligation to publicly revise or update any forward-looking statements in light of new information, future events or otherwise.

Aerolia; Aircraft Parts; Structures; Paris Airshow

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