Attendance of Air Shows, Events and Expos is budgeted for either as part of AVTN’s flagship coverage program or within the general news-gathering and long-form programme budgets. Special significance has been given to attendance of Commercial Events that are seen as important for increased advertising revenues and in terms of marketing value. Flagship event attendance is currently allocated to the following international commercial air shows:

  • Dubai
  • Farnborough
  • Paris
  • Singapore

The budget includes provision for a 15m x 15m two-storey pavilion structure, including marketing and studio facilities, to include an 11 camera 4K UHD capable recording and broadcast setup.

It is AVTN’s expectation that this will deliver key display, interview and specialist coverage options, with the potential ability to sell highlights to mainstream networks. Air Display coverage, will be cutting edge in nature. The events allocation lies within consolidated production budgets; the marketing benefits of such a presence are significant.

At present budgets are based on costs typically associated with the use of outsourced Outside Broadcast (OB) facilities, crews and up-links. However, due to on-going developments in broadcast equipment technology, the potential for AVTN to build either its own OB facility upon funding (most likely as a fly-away system package) within existing budget allocations is being considered. It should be noted that if a wholly owned or leased system were built, the Group would seek a partnership with a facilities company to utilise the asset outside of its own requirements; and such a move would affect levels of assets owned or held, as well as depreciation projections. The benefits of such a move would however, significantly outweigh any negative elements.

In light of the tragic events of the 2015 Shoreham Air Show (UK), where our CEO was in attendance, it is felt that it is important to emphasise that the onus of the Dubai, Farnborough, Paris and Singapore events is on the Sale of commercial aircraft, defence systems, associated equipment and services.

While flight displays are a part of these events, the teams responsible for their flight operations represent the highest industry standards on both their trade and public access days. Air Show attendance worldwide is expected to grow and to continue to exceed Football/Soccer attendance in the UK.

Broadcast Rights

As stated, AVTN intends to secure the rights to cover major International Air Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences.

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