Part of the Network strategy is to deliver world-class flagship television coverage not to just Aviation, but to grow, delivering service to other under-served and under-exploited markets television markets, some of which may also justify streamed radio services.

In the process of specifying the television and radio infrastructure requirements for AVTN, the future growth of the Network has been carefully considered, and kept in mind. As both a Broadcaster and Digital Media company we have our eyes firmly on strong growth potential for additional complimentary services.

The following contains a sample of other markets that we see as having considerable potential:

Energy (Oil, Gas, and Alternative)

Represents a sizeable interest demographic for Professionals, and Consumers. It is in the interest of the planet to enable communication in this market, and would probably justify a MENA region studio.


We all use it, we all talk about it, but how really accessible is market news, debate, accurate coverage and information?


Film, Television, Gaming, Music, Theatre and more. There is untapped potential in this market.


While excellent at outward communication, as an industry the internal, and external perspective looking inward is surprisingly under-served, and again we see great potential in the market.


The Consumer progressively owns their retail experience, and good or bad wants to share, discuss and debate product, availability, pricing, standards of service and more. High Street, Mall, Supermarket, Department Store, SME or PLC – We want to give the  market whether retailer or consumer a voice. There is amazing potential for a dynamic media experience with retail as a topic.

Diamond Airborne Sensing; DA42 MPP GUARDIAN

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