HR Policy & Equal Opportunities

The Group will source and employ outstanding personnel in each required field of expertise, in order to assemble the best possible team. A lawful and robust Human Resources policy will be defined with full consideration to equal opportunity at every level. Best employment practice will be applied regardless of the nationality or nation in which employees are contracted. The company intends to appoint its own Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) on the permanent staff, in addition to working with a number of specialist recruitment companies in selecting senior staff and key positions. A suitable budget for recruitment fees is allocated. Technical positions are expected to be filled by direct application to the Group.


We are very much looking forward to recruiting the best and the brightest from the worlds of News, Aviation, Television, Radio, and Editorial. Upon achieving full funding the project currently requires 326 positions to be appointed.

Note to Candidates

We are not currently seeking applications so please do not send us your Resumes. When the time comes a formal recruitment process will be set up by our HR department, and positions notified via this website, or recruiters working on our behalf. ALL job descriptions found within this document are subject to change without notification.

Note to Investors, The Press and Suppliers

The project is proposed by Mr. Phillip Covell & Mr. Kinny Cheng. While we may have notional ideas on possible personnel appointments, NO binding or official appointments have been made at this time, nor should any be taken to be implied by our own personal or professional associations within any of these sectors. ALL appointments will be subject to internal process prior to announcement. Unless formally announced, NO appointments are to be considered as having been officially made, as being under discussion, or pending.

Fraudulent Applicants

Even at this early stage, it has come to our attention that some people are attempting to pose as Network, AVTN or NewsNet24⁷ employees and representatives. We encourage all employers in doubt of an applicant’s credentials to contact us immediately.

Paris Airshow 2013; 787; Aircraft; Aviation

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You can download a copy of the Investment Deck (Presentation) here or use the Contact Form to write to us.