Innovation will be nurtured and encouraged, and as far as is practicable, enabled by the provision of the highest level of technology available so that the Editorial and Production Teams are as unrestrained as possible in both their resources and ability to develop and deliver innovation and creativity.

While this document lays out the basic nature of programming and scheduling in order to move forward with licensing, it has been left as open as possible for the Editorial and Production Teams to develop these ideas as well as their own ideas, as and when they are appointed in accordance to the schedule.

It is a strongly held view of the Management that the innovation of news-gathering and delivery should be left to those departments, and while it may be encouraged (ratings, regulation and licensing terms considered), attempting to define precisely how the Editorial and Production Teams may innovate prior to being contracted, is to constrain the very thing desired of them. Such a move could ultimately lock these departments and their personnel into delivering ideas that may well be out-dated quickly in a fast-moving, competitive Industry.

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