The gathering, analysis and delivery by Television, Radio or Digital Media of News and Business Information will represent the Network’s Intellectual Property and is seen as having considerable on-going value. The Network model proposes to achieve delivery using the latest developments in Broadcast and Media technology, with the ability to generate global revenues from advertising, and premium services, including exclusive reports, editorial content and ‘Big Data’ generated from its intellectual property.

The delivery of the Network’s Intellectual Property will be via:

  • HD and UHD (Capability on rollout), Cable, Satellite, Digital, IPTV or OTT services.
  • Content accessible via other Digital media formats such as Online/OTT.
  • IP Radio feeds will be compiled by a specialist team.
  • Preferential subscription services to UHD coverage, data and information services.

It is anticipated that revenue will be generated through the sale of:

  • Advertising to be broadcast in allocated slots between news and programme segments.
  • Sponsorship of scheduled segments, programmes, web pages and apps (Subject to regulatory conditions).
  • Syndication of programming and coverage of international events, exhibitions, conferences and airshows.
  • Subscription to premium coverage, data and information services.

Paris Airshow Schiebel S-100 Camcopter; Aviation; UAV;

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