IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), or OTT (Over-the-Top) Streamed and Downloadable delivery over the Internet, to the Home or Personal Devices is a rapidly growing market. Whether delivered to set-top boxes or personal devices by App, OTT services are an increasingly important access point for driving audience share, and providing important promotional abilities and revenues. The network intends to pursue an agreement with market leading platforms, as well as develop it’s own services. OTT service development for the Network’s Website and App development is planned and allocated substantial budget.

Online Capabilities


A significant online presence is seen as being an essential part of the proposed service outside of IPTV/Streaming offerings. The website will be an integrated part of the editorial team’s delivery of news, carrying live feeds and offering reports, alternative language offerings, editorial archive and many other facilities to subscribers. This presents an additional area for advertising, and co-branded marketing.

Social Media

A robust and adaptive policy is proposed across the main social media networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube etc. However, any platforms that are felt to be appropriate and beneficial by the Editorial or Sales and Marketing Teams will be readily embraced. Analytics will be used to measure the effectiveness of respective platforms to drive content optimisation. Engagement methods and techniques will evolve from identification and analysis of: keywords, trends, impressions, demographics, and psychometrics. In view of recent revelations over the security of user data and due to the introduction of GDPR in Europe, these factors will be taken into account in deploying services.

OTT & Apps

News Channel apps are becoming an important means of delivering linear and non-linear OTT content to viewers: when they are on the move; when they want more in-depth information; to catch-up with a news item they missed; to search for and access archives; to view away from traditional linear television. It is felt that strong brand loyalty may be developed with a top tier news app. An app also presents additional Advertising options or opportunity for other OTT services, and developed to encompass both the Freemium and Subscription markets.

Development of Services

As with the majority of IT requirements, development work for Web and App platforms will be outsourced, with the Network IT, creative and editorial departments in oversight. It is thought that once developed, in-house capabilities will take responsibility for daily maintenance and security of both systems and IT platforms. Discussion of IT and OTT requirements with Systems Developers and Integrators is already underway, and has generated indicative costs for budget purposes (see also IT & Telecommunications).

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