IT & Telecommunications

A total initial budget consideration for IT and Telecommunications requirements has been made allocated, with secondary upgrades planned from TX 2 onwards.

Full consideration is being given to both conventional and IP-based telecommunications, inclusive of telephony equipment, cellular and tablet hardware, line rental, broadband, and call charges. The Network’s preference, with exception to any system or proprietary software requirements that specifically require the Windows platform, is for Mac OS X based systems, and iOS based tablets and smartphones. With this choice comes some security advantages, and the ability to minimise IT Department requirements. Industry leading systems are available for Apple products, and are common in publication, media and graphic design environments. The need for global access to the Network’s web sites and apps dictates the need for compatibility with iOS, Windows and Android platforms. 

Systems Integrators (SIs)

The Network has the option to either: (i) Appoint experienced Systems Integration companies to oversee the provision and installation of Broadcast, IT and Telecommunication technologies, with one supplier having overall responsibility, and answering to the management via the Chief of Technology with a number of companies being considered; (ii) Recruit an experienced System Integration Team of its own, achieving further cost savings and flexibility for the project. This recently proved an extremely efficient methodology, in a $150m project.

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