This scenario employs the addition of secondary sites, often referred to as regional bureaus.

Minor Regional Bureaus

Mainly act as staging points for production planning and news-gathering. Overseas sites may also handle local regulatory, legal and visa obligations. Such sites rarely have a full broadcast studio capability, and very small facilities will rely on contracts with local broadcasters, or even share facilities. Up-link of pre-recorded production elements may be achieved via either satellite or MPLS to a remote ground-station or distribution handling agent.

Advanced Regional Bureaus

Implemented within a regional model, may result in sites developing into small broadcast centres complete with studios, delivering local variations of the main channel’s broadcast feed. This formula may be applied at both a National, Regional and Global level. Creation of regional bureaus on a larger scale is often used to deliver service where time zone differences are significant — or where cultural, regulatory and political concerns must be considered in addressing specific markets. This is reflected in the infrastructure choices for Tier 2 & 3 as a result of Brexit.

Erosion of the requirement

For secondary regional bureaus, subordinate to main sites in news-gathering and delivery has to date been significantly achieved by the growth in produced-on-behalf-of contracted services offered by the global news agencies to broadcast channels and networks. Available services range from single reports to complete programme production and uplinks to a broadcasters’ main site(s). In addition, agencies offering freelance reporters and news crews are also becoming widely available worldwide at extremely competitive local rates. Services like these will allow AVTN and NewsNet247 to achieve flexible news-gathering and specific delivery requirements in many regional markets which as yet do not justify a permanent operation. However, Brexit may cause a reversal of this trend between the UK and EU.

Regional bureaus — Network View

As a direct result of the availability of contracted services in the modern news-gathering environment, the Network has largely seen low demand for establishing Minor Regional bureaus, though recognises the potential for Advanced Regional bureaus in answer to the potential issues created by the nature of Brexit and the likelihood of the UK leaving the AVMSD. In the global regions this is seen as dependent on the rates of market growth observed and forecast, particularly in Latin America (8%); Middle East & Africa (2%).

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