The Network expects to achieve agreements with other Broadcasting corporations to share or gain access to both breaking news stories and facilities on (i) a pure cost basis (ii) through partial cost and reciprocal agreement basis to supply facilities and expertise to one another when needed for each party’s coverage of a news story. This may extend to the Network hosting overseas journalists, in a direct ‘exchange’ programme. A key contractual element of such agreements is carriage of the other party’s channel or network logo.

It is anticipated that similar agreements may be secured with mainstream print media titles to share journalistic intelligence in return for supplying audiovisual content for their own online presence. Such agreements are known to already exist between Newspaper titles and TV News Networks, and are capable of reflecting significant cost savings.

The Network intends to enter into annual contracts for content and services such as ticker data and ‘produced-on-behalf of’ content services from news agencies. discussions have already taken place to establish budgetary cost allocation, with the main news agencies, and other agency content may be contracted on an ad-hoc basis.

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