The Network intends to achieve news-gathering in each of its Broadcasting Centres using a combination of:

Newsroom Computer Software

Also known as NRCS, this is software that enables news broadcasters to manage their newsroom, and resources.  The software enables collation, management and prioritisation of content: newswires, alternative news resources, social media, audiovisual content, and story creation. The Network has narrowed the field of suppliers to two market leaders; one system from a News Agency; another from an independent supplier.

Own assets

Personnel and equipment based out of the three broadcasting centres.

  • Institutional editorial intelligence pursuing and developing stories.
  • Analysis and interpretation of stakeholder data, press releases, presentations.
  • Analysis and interpretation of Industry events, and related international news.
  • Assets will be able to travel extensively from each location and return in a single day.
  • Some assignments may still require long-haul travel over multiple days.

News Agencies

Organisations that use national or global assets to gather, compile, and analyze news to supply to broadcasters, and other institutions, that have a need for news analysis. Comprehensive service packages have been quoted for by the three leading providers.


News alert services available from national and global news agencies. Both text and video services are available, and these are included within the news agency packages quoted for. Other services are accessible on an ad-hoc basis.

Audio, Video & Picture Archive

Such services are available from news agencies, broadcasters, and historic sources on a contracted or ad-hoc basis. The Network will also progressively acquire its own archive material as time progresses. In the long-term our own archive may become a source of revenue.

Produced-on-behalf-of services

Over recent years the major news agencies have increasingly been offering production services to complement editorial assets, and now produce interviews, segments and whole programmes on a commission basis for many broadcasters, which are presented under the client channels identity on air. Such commissions fall outside of the news agency service packages and would be funded by the general programming budgets at editorial discretion.

Local agreements

Relationships may be established with national or regional arms of global broadcasters, local news agencies, and print media on a long-term or ad-hoc basis.


Relationships may be built or exist within the editorial team, and freelancers used on a regular or ad-hoc contract basis.

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