The global market for News, Business News, Data and Information is sizeable, with the Business Data market alone being valued at $11.8b annually. Similarly to the market for AVTN, the market for Business and Consumer News is sizeable, and the demographic represents a diverse cross-section of the global community. NewsNet247 content will be designed to appeal to the Business community, Consumer and Global Citizen.

In discussing Business, the content must be thorough, informative and knowledgeable but also recognise and discuss the factors that interest and concern the Consumer and average person going about their daily lives. Conversely, things that interest the Consumer and General Public can be approached in a manner to interest and inform the Business community.

While there may be regional differences, on the whole transparency and impartiality in news reporting is extremely important to the Global audience, and in markets such as the UK is enshrined in the regulatory standards of the media industry.

Key Audience Engagement & Advertiser Drivers continue to be:

  • A broad cross-section in programming content
  • Programming quality as a driver to audience volume
  • Ability to interest, engage and retain the audience
  • Reliability of news, data and information, in comparison to other sources

Premium Brand Advertisers

Seen as attracted to advertising outlets providing them with consistent means of delivering an engaged demographic, which aspires to purchase, own, use or consume their products or services. The News demographic as a whole is comprised of the most attractive age-groups 25-54, seen as having the greatest level of disposable income. As a broadcaster, service diversity increases the ability to reach particular portions of the global community with an array of advertising campaigns.

Investor Interest

NewsNet24⁷ will offer a broader array of stories to cater for the Investor to understand, monitor, and analyse data and information about shareholdings and corporate entities. Investors are drawn to consistent, high quality sources of information on which they can rely. NewsNet24⁷ intends to be a leading news, information and data resource to the investor community.

Business Interest

As with other Network outlets will be generated by providing information, data and news, interpreted in a manner to be of use and interest to the global business community as a whole, keeping business leaders informed, and able to make decisions based on reliable impartial analysis.

Consumers and Global Citizens

Consumers want stories about the latest technology. The focus of interest for the General public is found in stories that affect an individual’s daily life or someone they know, whether World events, Business, employment, political or environmentally orientated; human interest stories also feature, while Sport rates as one of the most unifying global interests.

Sports, Events, and Leisure

Sports news is in great demand from media outlets, and NewsNet24⁷ intends to be representative of the biggest global sports interests. Special events such as commemorative events and exhibitions will also provide opportunities for coverage. Leisure stories will be able to feature a vast array of subjects and personal interests worldwide. These areas are representative of all sexes and the single person or family unit, from age +3 to +90.

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