Headline News

Events will be discussed while taking into consideration their effects and potential consequences on the world maintaining, as far as is
possible a global outlook. Mainstream news will be dealt with expertly, tastefully and without controversy by the editorial team. A key part of the NewsNet24⁷ brief will be to identify, and bring to the public, the far reaching effects of a story in all its contexts.

International Affairs

Global issues and events; sovereign states and foreign policy; International organisations and multinational corporations; International Law and geopolitics; humanitarian disasters and aid. Regional Perspective Africa, Asia, Europe, CIS, Middle-East, North America, South America, Oceania.

Business & Financial Content

Discussion of global and national finances and central bank movements; key stocks and share movements; alerts and announcements; lease, loan and banking issues; merger and acquisitions; business, industry, from SME to PLC.

The Ticker

A two-tier scrolling news banner, or ‘ticker’, will deliver live stock data, and headline news.

Political Content

Expert discussion on significant national and international factors.

Technology Content

The latest in technology releases and R&D, for home, business, industry, health and science.

Manufacturing & Industry

From new products to legacy industries; from national and regional topics to global trade deals; topics and issues as they occur.

Agriculture & Horticulture

The World’s population is growing, and food production is increasingly a hot topic; from cost of production and sale price; animal welfare to crop pests; rustling and theft; GM; famine; fisheries;
regulation and many more.


We all buy and wear it — items from textile development, to garment manufacture and major showcases.


Highlights and commentary of the World’s major sports, and related topics.


The key issues as they affect the world by region, from global warming to pollution.


World weather outlook by region.

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