The NewsNet247 Perspective

Newspapers, including those with a financial or business priority, are primarily focused on headlines. While there is likely to always be a market for print media, it is increasingly becoming a specialist market. This market is widely considered to be contracting from its former levels and seen by many experts as facing industry crisis as it fights with online publications, and its own traditional competitors that have already transitioned to an online existence. 2016 saw a major UK broadsheet newspaper cease print in favour of digital availability, while another has announced a program of redundancies, and a variety of magazines are also going digital. An experimental newspaper introduced to market failed in a matter of months. A growing trend for the online editorial content of print publications to be enhanced by addition of audiovisual material is also observed. Investment in this area requires extreme caution, and launch of new print titles by the Network in support of broadcasting is viewed as potentially toxic.

The AVTN Perspective

Print Media is not geared to specialise or address anything but major aviation news stories. Aviation print media typically takes the form of a magazine layout, and falls into two categories: (i) those available from newsstands regardless of store format or location; and (ii) those that are primarily available by subscription, and targeted to a more professional B2B aviation readership. A once-weekly Aviation magazine recently contracted to a bi-weekly publication.

The Network Management is suitably aware of the competition in this area.

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