Broadcast technologies are a keystone of the business. The equipment intended for purchase ranges from items costing as little as £100, through to cameras, editing and other broadcast systems of up to £500,000 per installation — though the majority of the investment required is for major ticket items. Options for Leasing all Equipment have been calculated for each Budget Tier, and are presented in this Proposal in the from of a single table of Consolidated Management Accounts. Further detailed accounts are available by arrangement.

The Broadcast Industry utilises specialised, professional equipment which, for the most part, is of a high cost. While historically the life of equipment has been long, in the current fast moving Digital age the life and re-sale value relative to original cost may vary with the choice of manufacturer, product type, take-up within the industry or availability of new technologies as they come to market. The adoption of high quality and industry-leading technologies is seen as providing a substantial buffer to longevity and in protecting residual values.

All consideration will be given to the predicted adoption of developing technologies within the Industry as a whole over the next four years. Expert institutional knowledge and the guidance of appointed advisors will be applied to make the best possible equipment choices, in order to protect: (a) the longevity and flexibility of the equipment purchased; (b) the resale value of the equipment; and (c) the attraction of the equipment to leasing companies and their brokers — ultimately benefiting the ease with which financing of the investment may be achieved.

The majority of equipment is expected to be renewed on not less than a four-year rolling cycle from launch, or when it is considered to have reached its useful and cost-effective life. While certain broadcast components age at a rate determined by hours of use, and heavy news cycles may lead to excessive wear beyond expectation leading to a need for replacement within the expected cyclical period, other equipment conversely has a life expectancy well beyond its lease amortisation or depreciative life, and retains considerable value.

The expectation is that in the period illustrated within this document, the Network will be in acquisition mode for equipment, and no disposals or transfers to stock are foreseen. Such disposals, should they occur, will be as the direct result of equipment failure, or damage that may occur outside of warranty.

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