Ultimate responsibility for Programming and Production will rest with the Chief of Programming. The Chief of Programming will be responsible for: managing ratings data; in-house and commissioned programming; editorial demands on production; production requirements and budgets; and (in addition) liaise between the Board, Sales and Marketing, and Regulation. This position will be directly supported by (As appropriate to each Budget Tier):

The Production Team

The Production Team will be staffed by personnel experienced in News and Documentary Production and, as far as possible, with editorial experience relevant to channel specialisms in combination. While personnel will have distinct overall responsibilities and roles, it will be Network policy to encourage multi-tasking; and to provide opportunity for additional training and development in order to realise the full potential of personnel. The following roles will be replicated as required across Channels and regions.

  • Executive Producers
  • Producer/Directors TV
  • Associate Producers
  • Technical Directors
  • Producer/Directors Radio
  • Floor Managers

The Technical Team

All Studios will be equipped with Robotic Camera Systems. The Network intends to hire location camera crews primarily from agencies on contract. However, training will also be provided as required so that, in line with the demands of modern TV journalism and corporate policy on multi-tasking, any member of the Editorial, Production or Technical Teams will be able to pick up a camera set-up for PSC news-gathering when necessary. On a regional basis, the below personnel will be required. A Chief Engineer will oversee the general technical requirements of the channel as either a permanent role or outsourced position, reporting to the Chief Technology Officer. Similar practices will apply in Radio.

  • Camera & Studio Operations Co-ordinators
  • Video Editors
  • Video Engineers
  • Camera Supervisors
  • Gallery Operatives
  • Audio Engineers TV & Radio
  • Audio Engineers (Assistant)
  • Make-Up & Hairstylists

Camera Crews will be outsourced as freelancers or via National, Regional and Global Agencies.

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