The Network

  • Global presence supported by bureaus and facilities in London, New York, Singapore and the EU.
  • Accurate news and information of interest to all stakeholders for every channel market sector.
  • A wide-ranging audience of diverse ages and incomes attractive to marketers and advertisers.
  • Adequate allocation of infrastructure enabling future Channel, Network and Group growth.
  • Budget allocation to build a strong team experienced in Target Markets, Editorial Content, Broadcast and Business Management.
  • A Global reach multi-platform Broadcast capability and strategy (Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT).
  • A high level of automation, and contracted services reducing direct personnel costs, maintaining workforce flexibility and protecting against industrial action and acts of God, war or terrorism.
  • Ability to adapt and use project specifications to develop and launch any Broadcast or Media platform.


  • Accurate news and information of interest to all Aviation stakeholders.
  • A strong editorial team knowledgeable in Aviation.


  • International News for Business, the Consumer and the Global Citizen.
  • A strong editorial team knowledgeable in International, Business, Consumer News.
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