The Network intends to secure C-Band and Ku-Band transponder service and bandwidth for HD and SD Satellite, Cable and IPTV distribution with a number of key Satellite Distribution Services. In addition to this access with the leading Platforms for each region will also be pursued with a target of achieving a global reach of 541 million homes, via up to 126 platform providers, across 28 satellites. Service to Cable and IPTV head-ends, and for the purposes of distribution for up-link to Ku-Band satellites will utilise C-Band, while regional DTH (Direct-to-Home) platforms will be supplied via Ku-Band service.

In addition to channel distribution services, both permanent and temporary links between locations and studios, and land-links between studios and Satellite stations will be a requirement, and this is accounted for: within the MPLS/Data budget; and within the production budgets in incidental cost allocations. Mobile uplink equipment will be rented on an ad-hoc basis and is also accounted for in production budgets.

Terms for Cable Network access vary wildly between regions in a market currently in flux — access in the US alone may vary from situations where a platform pays to carry content from a channel, to where they pay nothing; while in other markets platforms may charge for carriage, and such variation has been considered in the budgeting process. In the event of issues associated with US cable platform access, the Network sees a deal with the leading IPTV services providers as an alternative to achieving similar audience reach possible through cable service and a bonus in the event that few or no issues are experienced with market entry.

Until the Network is sufficiently backed and able to negotiate with satellite providers and platforms for capacity to allocate to either AVTN or NewsNet247, and able to make choices based on precise market data, only a budget allocation may be made. The Network’s budgets have been allocated based on data provided by the leading Satellite companies. Budget allocation has been made in each Tier with a view to achieving the described reach. Among the considerations made are advance payments, and platform costs. Satellite and Cable Service allocations are based on known mean regional averages.


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