The Driving Force

  • Mr. Phillip Covell – Founder & CEO
  • Mr. Kinny Cheng – Founder & CTO

Senior Staff

  • Non-Executive Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Legal Counsel
  • Chief Regulatory Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief of Operations & Bureau Chief (EU)
  • Chief of Operations & Bureau Chief (USA)
  • Chief of Operations & Bureau Chief (SG)
  • Editor-in-Chief (Editorial Content)
  • Channels of Programming
  • Additional Non-Executive Director(s)

Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance Policies will be taken out in respect of Phillip Covell, Kinny Cheng, and for all key Management and Editorial Personnel as is seen appropriate.


It is expected that at the end of the 1st Year of Operational activity, the Network will have the number of employees, as prescribed by each Project Tier, including the Non-Executive Chairman, Non-Executive Board Members and Executive Directors.


As a start-up, some senior management and editorial salaries do not necessarily reflect wholly typical Industry norms, and may require upward review once operations are under way. The 2018/19 Proposal includes provisions for Bonuses. For the purposes of budget only, Bonus potential is calculated at maximum yield. Bonuses will be awarded for successfully achieving targets in both Pre and Post-Launch financial years. Salary Increases in contracts, and bonuses that may be negotiated in the future are not, and cannot be, included in the figures presented in the Proposal. It is expected that these will be payable as the result of the Network achieving figures in excess of the minimum budgetary requirements presented herein.

National Insurance & Social Security

UK National Insurance Contributions, as well as US and Singapore Social Security have been calculated at rates appropriate to each territory as advised by either national taxation authorities or guidance documentation published by well-known global auditing advisors. EU projections have been based on those of The Netherlands.


Pensions have been calculated at a common rate appropriate to satisfy allowances, scales and caps appropriate to the statutory requirements in the territories in which the Group intends to operate.


Taxation has been calculated at rates appropriate to each territory as advised by either, appointed advisors, national taxation authorities or guidance documentation published by global recognised auditors. Full details are to be found in the Proopsal document under the heading ‘Taxation’.

Overdrafts & Lines-of Credit

The provision for Overdrafts or lines-of credit, is for the greater part, to provide a buffer and contingency in regard to certain aspects of deficit and surplus modelling, which for the most part are not expected to materialise as an actual requirement. Nonetheless circumstances where this contingency may be required can be foreseen, and so such financial devices are included within considerations, and where and if applicable costs incurred are presented in the projected consolidated accounts within the Proposal.

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