Executive Summary

The Proposed Company

The Business in Brief

Project Strengths
Quick Statistics
About the Financial Projections

The Market

The Market for AVTN
The Market for NewsNet24⁷
Future Markets
Advertising Revenues
Audience and Ratings
AVTN Audience Engagement
NewsNet24⁷ Audience Engagement
CPM/CPT & Demographics
Intellectual Property & Delivery
Under-served & Under-exploited

Bureaus, Facilities and Locations

Single Location Considerations
Main Site plus Regional Bureaus Considerations
Regional Bureaus as an Investment Consideration
The Network — a Multi-Centre Regional Approach to Global Broadcasting

Closed-Captioning & Alternate Languages

The Chinese Language Market
Spanish & Portuguese Market
Arabic Language Market

The News

Regional Priorities
The AVTN Editorial Team
The NewsNet24⁷ Editorial Team
News Agencies & Content Sharing Agreements
Innovation Policy

Programming Overview

Time-zones & Daylight Saving
Production & Technical Teams
AVTN Programming Areas
NewsNet24⁷ Programming Areas
Weekday & Weekend Programming
AVTN Events, Expos & Broadcasting Rights

Satellite & Cable Distribution Uplinks

IPTV: Streamed and Downloadable Services

Regulation, Compliance & Licensing


TV Broadcasting Corporations
Broadcast Services at Airports and for the Traveller
Print Media
Online Resources & Aviation Consultancies

Advertising and Marketing

Brand Diversification

Office & Studio Facilities

Production Equipment

Broadcast Equipment
IT, Telecoms & System Integrators

Budget Considerations

Budget Preparation
Asset Management
Trading Projections
Senior Staff, Personnel, Social Security & Pensions
Preparation of Projections & Accounts

Human Resources



Disclaimer of Risk Factors