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the full text of the comprehensive 254 page proposal.


The Network

  • A fully developed and budgeted proposal for a NEW Global Broadcast Network & Digital Media Group.
  • Broadcasting to an estimated reach of 541million Households worldwide.
  • Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Based in key Financial, Broadcast and Aviation centres of London, New York and Singapore, and the EU (Subject to Tier funding).
  • Satellite, Cable and IPTV service in HD, UHD and HD OTT Services, plus IP Radio.
  • Available in the Home, Office or Online.
  • English Language, with subtitles and alternate language versions via OTT.
  • A Network specialising in under-exploited markets with exceptional global demographics.
  • Prime audience demographic aged 25-54 with above average earnings, attractive to advertisers.
  • Consumer audience appeal to both sexes from +3 years to Retirees.
  • Services in Public Spaces such as Airports as well as In-Flight television services are a long-term goal.
  • Network and Group growth is seen in diversified service offerings and other market sectors.
  • The World Television market is estimated to be £365 billion as of 2018.
  • 1000 UHD television channels serving 140m homes are predicted by 2025, over the top of HD services.
  • World TV: N. America 38%; EU 31%; APAC 21%; LATAM 8%; M. East & Africa 2%.
  • Three funding options are presented for each channel within the proposal document.
  • Revenues in excess of £134m are projected for AVTN.


  • AVTN – Aviation Television News will serve all Aviation Stakeholders.
  • Business, Consumer and Passenger News with High Octane Content.
  • The premier source of Breaking; Business; Political; and Technology News for the Aviation Industry.
  • Aviation represents a considerable demographic with an audience demographic of 3.8 billion stakeholders.
  • Aviation market growth is expected to reach 7.8 billion by 2036.
  • Aviation: North America 25%; EU 27%; APAC 31%; LATAM & Caribbean 5%; Middle East 9%; Africa 2%.


  • NewsNet24⁷ will serve Business, Consumer and the Global Citizen.
  • A Business and Consumer oriented News Service with Global reach and Consumer appeal, for the Global Citizen.
  • The premier source of Breaking; Business; Political; and Technology News.

AVTN – Aviation Television News or NewsNet24⁷ are in a position to launch at a time enabling the Network to benefit from unprecedented growth in Aviation, Broadcast & Digital Media, and the demand for News. Adequate allocation and implementation of the latest Broadcast, Media technologies and automated systems within this proposal will enable opportunities for future growth of the Group without significant requirement for additional investment in infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

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