Chinese language is a significant market for the Network, or indeed any broadcaster to access. However the market in Mainland China comes with considerable regulatory restriction, and must be entered with caution in order to achieve success. The Network will have an infrastructure capability to offer a dedicated Chinese language feed based from Singapore, utilising the second studio. There is certainly great enough demand to consider service without access to Mainland China, but the addition of Mainland service would represent a potential audience reach of up to 400m additional households. Singapore will be in a position to provide alternate English language segments for the main English language feed to conform to any regulatory restrictions required by Chinese regulators, and a Chinese language News Bulletin falls within the overall alternative language policy of the Network. A Long term consideration may be to the construction of facilities in China, but this is not proposed at present. A leased option in one of the many studio facilities available or under-construction in China may be more appropriate, with the potential for a reciprocal agreement involving a local broadcaster, and reduced exposure to risk.

FIA2014; G280

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