The Network will operate in a World Television market which is estimated to have grown to £365 billion in 2018. Though there is currently a greater focus on ‘Pay TV Markets’ – Based on available data – North America accounts for 38%; Europe 31%; Asia Pacific 21%; Latin America 8%; and the Middle East and Africa 2%. While North America, Europe and Asia Pacific account for the bulk of the TV market, the Latin American market is developing at pace. Though the Middle East and Africa currently only account for 2% of the market they show enormous potential, with South African advertising spending valued in the region of $600m. MENA (Middle East & North Africa) has been noted by many Broadcast analysts for its strong growth potential; however geo-political factors require close monitoring. A recent study predicts 200 UHD channels serving 140m homes by 2020 and over 1,000 by 2025 (see graphic on the following page). A recent report on Global Pay TV suggests that the Pay TV Market alone will grow to $254.7 billion (£187.9b) by 2025.

The worldwide television market is expected to grow over the next five years as: distribution networks expand and demand grows; new satellites are deployed; bandwidth increases or is re-purposed; compression techniques and OTT delivery capabilities improve; or new opportunities present themselves in developing economies. The means of access to content is also changing, with a significant rise in IPTV, and OTT Streamed or downloaded viewing, particularly via personal devices. The global Social TV market (TV via device or Social Media outlet) revenue is expected to grow from $206.97 billion (£152.7b) in 2017 to $367.19 billion (£270.9b) by 2022. The 25-34 years age bracket consumes the most news. News consumption statistics are prepared from an average of US and UK generic and business news audience data.

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