The Network

As, a business news orientated broadcaster, the Network and its outlets, AVTN and NewsNet24⁷, will primarily focus on interpreting the implication of World News, Financial and Market data as it affects Business, Consumer and the Global Citizen. AVTN as an industry focused outlet will achieve this with the additional focus on Aviation and Passenger. Different stakeholder perspectives will represent multiples interests and add dynamism to the News.


NewsNet247 will provide the Global Citizen with International News from a Business and Consumer perspective 365 days per year. With NewsNet247 the Network wants to concentrate on a more accessible relationship between International News, Business and Consumer. The mission brief will be to look for different perspectives on traditional stories, and to seek out news that falls between the gaps from sources and industries with significant demographics. Considerable scope for crossover interest between target areas is seen with the appropriate blend of stories, and perspective addressing the interests of all.

It is anticipated that news story generation will come from a combination of the following relevant topics:

  • Headline News
  • International affairs
  • Regional Perspective
  • Business & Financial
  • Political
  • Industry
  • Aviation, Transport & Travel
  • Entertainment & Technology
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Environment
  • Automotive
  • Maritime, Shipping & Yachting
  • Manufacturing & Industry
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Chemicals & Pharma.
  • Defence
  • Environment
  • Weather


The majority of the AVTN news cycle is expected to fall during the working week though there are, any number of variables that can lead to a major news story breaking at the weekend. As a result, while the bulk of news reporting is expected to fall within the business week, television and radio news bulletins and programming will continue through the weekend, though at a reduced level around other long-form programming.

It is anticipated that news story generation will come from a combination of the following relevant topics:

  • Travel
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Weather
  • EconomySafran; Aircraft; Undercarriage
  • Technology
  • Procurement
  • Environment
  • Interest stories
  • Industry Events
  • Passengers/PAX
  • Management Areas
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • International events
  • Corporate press releases
  • Variations of flight routes
  • Research & Development
  • Market news and analysis
  • Workforce & Trade Unions
  • Government/Political activity
  • Heritage Projects & Museums

AVTN does NOT intend to, nor see a need for it to become representative of traditional ‘travel’ oriented television channels.

The Volume of Aviation News

There is a tremendous volume of news generated about Aviation on a daily basis, from Airlines, Airports, and Manufacturers, to MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations), General Aviation (Private), Regulatory and Consumer Orientated stories. Consumer stories will be of key importance in maintaining a balance of broader interest for the television channel, while AVTN is seen as satisfying the enthusiasts thirst for information and knowledge.


The volume of news and press releases issued by the Top 100 aerospace manufacturers in 2014 totalled 5,619; with a daily average in excess of 15; and a weekday average in excess of 21 items.

Routes & Equipment

Data for Route and Equipment changes during 2014 is encouraging. In total there were 4,145 announcements during 2014, averaging 11.3 per day, and 15.1 per weekday, with only 198 announcements occurring on weekends.

Airlines and Airports

AVTN continues to assess the level of news from Airlines and Airports on an on-going basis, though it is substantial. AVTN is following some 300 airlines, while airports and airfields globally total thousands.

MRO, Regulators, National Defence & Political Statements

These provide another source of discussion for AVTN, and both Industry and Consumer perspectives can be presented.

The World

Many mainstream news stories, particularly financial or world events are capable of affecting aviation operations and so may be interpreted from that perspective.

In addition, many aviation news stories can be dealt with from multiple stakeholder perspectives, and when the variety and breadth of sources is considered, it is felt that there is more than enough news to justify a full-time Television presence; and importantly this is prior to applying typical television news practices such as rolling news repetitiveness.

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