The Network intends to employ the best available journalists and business analysts available for all its services. The Editorial Team for NewsNet247 will comprise of a balance of known and new talent from a cross-section of relevant field, such as: Business, Financial Markets, Banking, Insurance, Aviation, Oil, Gas & Energy, Technology, Maritime and Transport; in accordance with the overall employment policy.

The New York, Singapore and EU Broadcasting Centres proposed in the Budget Tiers will also have a Senior Editor (Channel/Subject) appointed to liaise operationally with the Chief of Operations & Bureau, and the Channel News Director on editorial matters.

Senior Editorial Roles (Channel/Subject)

  • News Director
  • News Assignment Desk Chief
  • Digital Editor

NewsNet24⁷ Editorial Roles (as appropriate to Region)

  • Business Editor/Host
  • Political Editor/Host
  • Chief Correspondent Editor/Host
  • International Affairs Editor/Host
  • APAC Editor/Host
  • Europe Editor/Host
  • Middle East & Africa Editor/Host
  • Americas Editor/Host
  • Maritime, Shipping & Yachting Editor/Host
  • North America Editor/Host
  • South America Editor/Host
  • Industry Editor/Host
  • Agriculture & Horticulture Editor/Host
  • Environmental Editor/Host
  • Oil, Gas & Energy Editor/Host
  • Entertainment & Technology Editor/Host
  • Automotive Editor/Host
  • Chemicals & Pharma. Editor/Host
  • Meteorologists Editor/Host
  • General Correspondents TV & Radio
  • Junior Journalists TV & Radio
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