While it would be preferable for each location to broadcast in precisely eight hour slots in order to achieve a 24-hour program structure, timezones and daylight savings adjustments mean that this will vary by region and time of year. Consideration of this will be taken into account as far as possible within the programme schedule.

Of particular consideration for the Americas is the three hour difference between East and West-Coast. A West coast studio would have to begin broadcasting as early as 03:00 to catch the rise of ratings from the East coast breakfast market; while conversely an East-Coast studio only needs to broadcast three hours longer before handing off to Singapore, accommodating a more sociable starting time for personnel, and significantly reducing salaries.

It is seen as important for the US East Coast breakfast schedule to be served, at least in part by a home US editorial team, without too much interference with the London timeline. Consequently, a joint London and New York handover programme has been devised to serve this period.

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