Illustrative Financial Projections

Set out in this section are the Illustrative Financial Projections of the Network for Tier #1 for the 15-24month month Pre-launch and Construction period, and the first 4 years of projected trading/transmission, which have been made after due and careful enquiry. Comparable accounts for each budget tier of the proposed Network are also set out within this document, and are prepared on the same basis.

It is emphasised that the projections are illustrative only, prepared on the basis and assumptions stated within this document, and do not constitute forecasts of the most likely outcome. Given that the projections relate to the future, the bases of preparation and assumptions are necessarily more subjective than would be appropriate for a forecast. Actual results may be materially different from those projected, because events and circumstances do not necessarily occur as planned.

In pursuit of Network funding, the management reserves the right to change or amend projections as may be necessary in order to reflect the most up-to-date thinking, financial, regulatory or other requirements as they may arise, without notice.

Basis of Preparation and Principal Assumptions

The illustrative Financial Projections have been prepared on the following bases and principal assumptions which are outside the control of the Network.

  • Finance for the construction phase will be forthcoming from the outset.
  • Sufficient banking facilities for continued operations will be available, inclusive of any lines of credit.
  • The business will not be adversely affected by the consequence of industrial disputes, acts of God, war or terrorism, interruption of supplies, loss of key personnel or changes in legislation.
  • No other major competitor of comparable size or funding will enter or emerge in the market.
  • There will be no significant change in nature or structure of the Network’s proposed market(s); nor the general economic conditions; regulatory environment; rates of tax, inflation or interest rates.

Note on Diversification

The Network believes that there are other opportunities for the Group, both through acquisition within its markets and through organic growth and acquisition of complementary businesses, such as related technical channels requiring expert editorial content and financial information. The Network believes that it will be possible to expand further the core business geographically as undeveloped markets grow, for instance, the MENA region is expected to see significant growth. The potential benefits and costs of these opportunities have not been reflected in the Illustrative Financial Projections.

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