Mainstream TV broadcast news and the more focused business news providers currently only address headline stories as they relate to: International events; political; or stock market and investor interest. While the Network will carry mainstream content, its remit is to identify areas of news interest where existing outlets are lacking and to exploit them.

The Network Perspective

Whether addressing the volume of Aviation News or more generally Business and Consumer News, there are a substantial amount of related news stories that are not reported in the television or other media outlets and further opportunities are lost for coverage on websites and blogs because: (i) it does not fit the outlet’s remit; and (ii) there are not enough resources for increased coverage.

A number of case studies of existing news broadcasters intended to inform on the subject of costs, investment levels, and financial issues associated with TV News are contained within the Proposal. The proposal is based on a balanced, conservative approach to expenditure and revenue expectations, and comparisons to launch budgets at each Tier level may be made. (The names have been removed for legal reasons.)

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