Under-served and Under-exploited

Under-served and Under-exploited is probably something best demonstrated rather than defined, and we encourage a personal assessment of the available aviation based content available to the individual. Despite the enormous number of satellite or cable television platforms and the hundreds of channels available the volume of content in the Network’s target markets is small in relative terms.


Mainstream news generally only considers an aviation story headline news, if it relates to an air accident; airline or airport security threat; corporate story affecting profitability or employment issues; a world first, record attempt or similar. Business news — while focusing more on the economic, and share price stories — will tend to prioritise interest across multiple industries. However, interest is calculated by an outlet, the news from each of the Networks target markets is diluted by the myriad of alternate subjects that can be covered, but with little or no focus.


The volume of new documentary material relating to Aviation is small. The Network’s management recognise and admire a notable flagship show relating to air accidents, as being a significant contribution to the factual Aviation documentary market. However, the programmes production team is only able to produce a limited number of high quality one-hour programmes per year. While episodes are repeated often, the popularity of the repeats serves both to highlight the audience’s desire for content, as well as the lack of alternate sources of content that interests this market.

While a number of airport and airline fly-on-the-wall documentaries have also aired in recent years, it is important to distinguish between their ability to fulfil a day-in-the-life perspective versus their ability to impart industry sanctioned practices, information and data, and promote Consumer interest.

Programming of a one-off nature may relate to a significant product launch, a Heritage event, aircraft retirement, record attempt or similar. In addition a proportion of existing programming is repeated, and may often be so old that the footage is in an antiquated format; in a degenerative condition effecting presentation, colour and sound quality; requires restoration or transfer to current TV formats. It should be noted that in many cases 4:3 formatted footage could be re-framed and re-transferred, the audio re-processed or voice-over re-recorded in order to improve the consumer experience, making the content of greater interest or commercial value.

A recent development in documentary is the development of the pseudo-documentary, as a sub-set of Reality TV, where the content is heavily scripted, but presented as factual, and this is seen by many as a danger to the future of factual information programming. In addition, traditional print resources are in decline, and online on-demand content is on the rise. To paraphrase the feature film, Jerry Maguire, “Show us the content;” and do it on a 24/7, 365-day-a-year on-demand basis — herein lies the issue, it simply is not there in any appreciable volume. This issue may be equally applied to other Network markets.

Re-defining the Market

AVTN will aim to re-define and connect the market. Aviation is an industry with 3.8 billion passengers (ICAO) and stakeholders; a market estimated by manufacturers to be worth US $6+ trillion from 2017 to 2036; there are 360,000 aircraft under private ownership; the business jet market is forecast as worth $250 billion or 8,300 deliveries between 2016 and 2025; military contracts are worth billions; there were 5,619 press releases from the Top 100 manufacturers, and 4,145 Route changes and announcements identified during our research, prior to consideration of other stories; and over 3.2 billion Travel related items in online searches. At present there is no cohesive resource delivering news to this market — the audience must actively find its own sources and decide on the quality of the content themselves.

Television regardless of delivery medium, OTT services, Radio or Audio services all offer a platform where news may be easily digested, often while an individual or group multitask; an option not possible with print media. Aviation television presents a huge global market in which considerable TV and Radio Advertising, and co-branded revenues could be achieved.

However, only a fraction of the interest and revenues that this market could achieve are being realised. It is not that the target audience is not interested in the subject; it is that they are not presented the content to pass judgement on, specifically as to whether or not the content is of interest to them to begin with.

The Network intends to apply this philosophy across all of its target markets. At a time when content is held ‘King’ and ‘Quality’ is ‘Everything’; the market is not suffering from saturation of choice defined by sheer volume, but is searching for ‘Relevance’.

A market of the size and scope of Aviation does not lack an audience. It is the audience which lacks ‘Relevant’, ‘Quality’ content!

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Farnborough International Air Show Static Display 2014

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