Show Format

At present, the preferred weekday format is for a round-table panel discussion of news and views hosted by at least two members of the Editorial team, with guests and specialist members of the Editorial Team rotating through the studio throughout the day. This is not to say that the network rules out programming based on other formats. A single presenter format is most likely to be employed for multilingual OTT bulletins. Interviews will be treated in the conventional way, and dependent on their length billed as segments, specials or part of the regular programming cycle. Long-form pre-recorded editorial ‘feature’ style programmes will also feature.


The Network intends to divide each region’s programming into three blocks dependent on scheduling for day-of-the-week, region and time, with potential for interactive overlap between regions. A program may focus on a particular theme, but more commonly feature a variety of themed segments based on elements of news that require daily attention. A sample schedule for weekday and weekend programming can be found in Part II, on pages 110 through 117.


Segments will vary in length and feature a variety of channel relevant subjects. These will be delivered through a mix of one-on-one interviews, panel or round-table discussions, as well as location features.

AVTN Weather

Weather reports will be compiled by the in-house team of Aviation Meteorologists, and contain — as far as is possible — information typical of a pilot weather briefing. Discussions have already been initiated with an Industry leading provider, and appropriate allocations included within the budgets.


Bulletins for specific market sectors throughout the day are completely feasible.

Features Programming

AVTN intends to schedule, commission and produce a number of long-form editorial programmes. This will allow more detailed, in-depth focus on subjects, such as interviews with prominent figures.

Schedule Diversity

While a more diverse schedule including entertainment, sports highlights, films and other family inclusive programming may be desirable, it would be subject to different licence terms in the UK. Under terms of the AVMSD 50% of EU production must originate in the EU. Greater schedule diversity is not under immediate consideration, nor currently budgeted for. As profit targets are reached this area could be developed with surplus revenues, beginning with OTT services, subject to licensing conditions and distribution costs to audience ratios.




On-Screen Talent

The Network will have a comprehensive array of on-screen Anchors, Hosts or Presenters, based from each Broadcasting Centre, all specialists in their fields. These roles will be held by key editorial staff with a variety of News Editorial or aviation expertise, as is appropriate, that will also be responsible for editorial content when they are off-set; and in addition will travel out of the studio to conduct interviews and present segments or programming from key events.

As a start-up the Network does not intend to compete for on-screen talent with existing broadcasters, and intends to seek new-blood, nor import the culture of other Networks.

In the case of both AVTN and NewsNet24this is because known and recognisable broadcasting talent is unlikely to have the requisite Sector knowledge and experience to enable them to be effective in their jobs. With a few possible exceptions the Network will seek out editorial personnel from Industry Sectors with prior experience of Broadcast, and give training where necessary.

It is not intended to pay inflated salaries for on-screen talent in the near-term, seeing this principally as a bonus of profitability that must be justified by ratings; though exception could be made in the event that on-screen talent brought with them quantifiable audience ratings and revenues of significant volume.

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